Plumbing Problems?

We take the worry out of hiring a plumber

Your friendly plumber at Connor Plumbing is a licensed professional—here to give you peace of mind that your home and plumbing system are treated with the utmost care. Your safety and comfort are our highest priorities. You’ll not only receive great service and great products, but we stand behind our work with a warranty that’s so good we can’t stop talking about it. Our six-year water heater warranty for parts and labor is the longest warranty in the industry, and we warranty toilet and sewer line replacements for a whopping five years!

Fully Stocked Trucks Handle 90% of all repairs on the spot

Here is a brief list of the services we offer:

Why call a licensed professional?

Professional licensing laws are in place to ensure standards for public health and safety. Whenever you call a plumbing company, ask if the person coming to your home holds an appropriate state plumbing license. You’re paying for it—why pay top dollar for service from unqualified people? Unfortunately, most shops hire unlicensed people to perform your work without supervision. In many cases, only the company owner has a license, but they will send out whoever they can find to work in your home. If the person sent to repair your home plumbing doesn’t hold a license, then they are not a plumber.

Protect Your Home Or Business, Hire Only Licensed Professionals

There are a lot of “handyman” types that advertise plumbing services, but they operate illegally and and cannot get insurance to provide plumbing services. Without proper insurance, you’re on the hook if their work fails and causes damage your home. Remember, there is a difference between buying a local business license and holding the proper legal professional plumbing license. If they say they “can do plumbing work with their license” it must be a state-issued plumbing license. Ask to see it.

Another thing to consider is construction companies that make renovations to your home. If they are adding or altering plumbing in your home, they, too, need professional plumbing licensing. If the plumbing work is subcontracted, the subcontractor must be appropriately licensed to perform plumbing work.

Are you unsure if the person working in your home is licensed?

Here’s the link to the state licensing board to confirm license status.

Licensing Board Verification